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The Point of Sales often serves the heart of your business where every end purchase is recorded. System acts as a personal assistant to make your work organized, effective, manage, and keep a track of sales whenever you want from wherever you are.
Loons PoS serves as ALL-IN-ONE PoS system for small businesses, inspired by the Odoo PoS.
The strong functions at a reasonable price and availability of the monthly payment scheme can be identified as key features of the system. The system facilitates multitude of features as well as, compatible with most types of hardware in both online and offline mode.

Loons PoS Features



Store Management

Restaurant Management

Customer & Loyalty


Web Application

With the Product Loons Lab offer you a standout retail experience




With our point of sale system, you can sell anywhere and grow your business at the same time!

Other Features

Offline Activities

Browser support

PC compatible

Credit/Debit cards

Order history

Multiple barcodes

User Friendly