Loons Safe

Our safety tools are your best safety rules
One stop solution to manage occupational health and safety at your workplace that will help to strengthen the safety culture of your organisation.
The system will replace manual processors and optimize the tasks of the safety department by providing an interface for safety operations in a well organized, user friendly and in accordance with world standard manner to carry out the operations.

Loons Safe Features

Incident reporting

Hazard Reporting

Overall Dashboard

Inventory Management

Employee Details

Training records

Reminders and ToDos

Document Repository


Why Loons Safe is irresistible for you ?

Replicate information flow through the application

Make everyone a part of safety culture

Easy access web portal and mobile application

Make it recognized and rewarded to contribute

Real time information reporting

Reflect the full flow of an incident

On unavailability of the internet offline capabilities of the mobile app

Features made simplified and easy

Helps you in the safety audits

Simply Convenient

An application is rich and easy to operate for both, web and mobile. The latest technology makes the product unique and efficient.

Other Features

Offline Activities



User Friendly


Responsive design

Self Explanatory

Loons Safe is among the top 3 products in 2017 and 2018 continuously claiming an Award,Under the category of Best Digital Enabled Product in Professional Services in Sri Lanka’s headmost Award Ceremony organized by SLT to recognize the digital excellence.