Employee Covid Safety Tracker

Is your Organization safe from Covid 19?
Let’s take the best measures to prevent COVID-19 from entering your workplace. ‘Covid Safety Tracker’ will guarantee you the possession and access of necessary information on your workforce.

A simple, fast, efficient and reliable
tool for decision making on the work
arrangements of employees based
on the COVID-19 risk levels of the
areas/regions they reside.

Your Concerns Addressed

Not having a proper database of employees

Inability to see home locations on a map view for better understanding

Inability to search employees around an affected/high risk area

Difficulty in identifying employees living in restricted/curfew areas

Complexities in Travel Arrangements

Possibility of virus outbreak through family members of employees

Processing large volumes of data for quick decision making

Quick response to an outbreak within the organization

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Customized for your need and concessionary rates with payment schemes to match your budget

Do you know ?

From where your employees are coming ?

About their family and extended family members who live with them?

About workplaces/schools of their family members?

How employees commute to work?

Employees work in the same zones/groups together?

Employees traveling from isolated/curfew areas?

Features of Employee COVID Safety Tracker

Simple, mobile friendly and easy to use database

Access to Employee Home Locations

Details of Family Member Schools/workplaces

Identification of Employees working in Groups

Send Instant Individual/bulk SMS Messages

Support in arranging Transport

Identification of Employees in Isolated areas

Manage all company locations from a single place

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A simple application that comes with the most you need to make your company safe!

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