Loons Health

Improve Health through eHealth
Affordable, robust, secure solution built in collaboration with the domain and tech expertise, that covers end to end functionality of a health institution.
Loons Health, comprehensive, automated, electronic system to support end to end functionality of a hospital. Built by a Sri Lankan team Inspired by the open source technologies. System is Well planned and expandable consisting of, over 12 modules to better match with the functionality of each department in order to manage daily operations efficiently. Modules can run in separate and also can easily be integrated with another system.
One stop solution to manage all operations of a hospital.

Why Loons Health to the hospital you manage?

Built collectively with Industry domain experts and technical expertise

Affordable and negotiable payment plans

Locally developed system by local experts

Suit local context

High quality and support system

Ability to implement modular wise

Smoothly management of change

Customisation requests can be addressed

Built with latest technologies

Guaranteed Security of the system

Availability of on premise and cloud versions

One system that can manage all end to end operations of hospital

Complexity made Simple

Friendly and Simple interface encapsulating the complexity

Other Features

Self Explanatory design

Less Clicks more work

Efficient and effective

Offline capabilities

Secure data transfer

Responsive Design

Self Explanatory