Our Product Philosophy (Qu.A.n.B.I)

Question?       Answer!     + Brain     = Invoke


We the Loons always has that team who think out of the frame. Loons who foresee the problems among day to day activities.

fundamental of Loons “Q” is The Eye that Foresee the Ordinary



We seek answers to questions combined with Digital Innovations and latest technological trends . The Highly technical competence Loons team will come up with the most optimized solutions. The Speciality of the Loons of the Lab is the technical people who always carry that business eye, not only technically solid but also they are experts in delivering a user friendly and enterprise standard level solid solution.

Stopping from there!


+ Barin

Stopping from there! No way… That’s the beginning we took from Answer!
With our professionally organized models of Brainstorming

The Lunatic Loons team get together and see all possibilities and the innovation that can be added into the question and the answer we provide. This is where the real magic start!


= Invoke

Making the dream seen by so many brains a reality and the answer to the question in a higher level than expectation