Covid Safety Employee Tracker


Writing almost at the end of 2020 in an year spent so differently from the rest of the years in life. To brief the year it was all surrounded by fear, protection, healthy steps, lockdowns, being quarantined, staying more at home, distancing from friends and family, travel bans/limitations and many more significant differences in life. I am sure Covid 19 had some level of impact on each and every human being living on earth in this year. 


In the country we live in, Sri Lanka was hit by the Covid 1st wave in 2020 March. After months and months of lockdown, as a country we were able to recover fast. Eventually we went back to our normal lives but with some mandatory safety measures. Our story about the employee covid safety tracker, began in this era. When the government decided to lock down the whole country, Software Development being a privileged sector that was able to easily work from home. While most businesses struggled on survival, there was one thing in the minds of a lot of entrepreneurs and startups, “How can we contribute” more than “How to Survive”. Lot of things we can be proud of as a company. Specifically we will write a separate article about the charity project we did to expedite the PCR test results process by 6 – 8 hours through correct usage of technology at National Cancer Institute Maharagama, Sri Lanka. Keeping that to a separate article with a big news, this is to introduce what we designed for organisations to be mindful of their organizational safety and employees whom to invite for work and whom to ask to be self quarantined. 


1st thing we tried to figure out was to gather what companies really wanted at an hour of pandemic. As per our research these are some of the Questions organisation face.

  • From where exactly our employee homes are located?
  • About their family and extended family members who live with them?
  • About workplaces/schools of employee family members?
  • Methods employees use to travel to work?
  • Employees working in the same zones/groups together?


Well simply we thought of an ultra simple application that will provide answers to these questions

  • Database of employee home location(s) and temporary home location(s)
  • Method to know about their family and extended family members
  • Get an awareness on the workplaces of employee family members
  • Able to search employees around a location where covid 19 patients detecting
  • Able to search about family member workplaces and identify the risk of contact with covid 19 patients


This is made as a Mobile friendly web application where decision making will be at the fingertips. We always thought of the efficiency and effectiveness of the features more than having unused sugar coated features or novel experimental technologies. Most of these answers are enabled through a simple Map view that will be very effective in visualizing the content. Filters and color coding will come to your support to aid the decision making process. 


In addition to that as an aid for the companies we thought of offering a set of below features that will benefit the employers and decision makers

  • To know about travel distance to employee work location in case of arranging transport
  • To know about GN divisions and Police divisions to see the employees in curfew or isolated areas. 
  • Ability to send SMS notifications through the application to a selected set of employees or as bulk messages.


We offered this application free of charge for a certain period of time to our clients as a give back. With the 2nd wave hitting Sri Lanka in the month of October worse than the 1st wave we thought why not open this up to all corporates at large to reap the benefit out of the application. Well you don’t need to worry about the cost as we are open to flexible plans and we have costed this just to cover our costs without any margin at this moment. As our intention is to give back to society and make a difference. 


Give us a call and try this out for your organisation. This will surely help you to avoid Covid 19 virus entering your workplace. As we always say our safety tools will be your best safety rules. Just give it a try!

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