Give a Touch Up to event

Everything about an event depends on how successful it is on the event day. Success of the event day heavily depend on the proper communication between the hosters, speakers and the delegats.
Loons Event come in as a supportive app to ease the communication from the date of registration, eventday and up to concluding the event. The application even helps you to  get the delegates join the event and interact real time with the sessions virtually.

Loons Event Features


Invitation with QR

Event Agenda




Session Material

Live Streams


Lost and Found

Live Q and A



Why Loons Events is irresistible for you ?

Creating an event is just a button click away

Bring up the event hype

Customize almost anything with the backend

Gather delegates around the event

Get the pre-registration, and event day registration process easy as a piece of cake

Avoid unnecessary queue

Efficiently communicate on event details

Real time notifications to push messages

Ability to get to know and network with people

Build real time interaction with the speaker

Instantly get responses from even a big delegation

View full details and material about the event

Get access to session material prior to the session

Simply Convenient

An application is rich and easy to operate for both, web and mobile. The latest technology makes the product unique and efficient.

Other Features

Offline Activities



User Friendly


Responsive design

Self Explanatory