Connecting sales connecting dots

Sales Connect solves a burning issue faced by the companies with a product range that need to be distributed across the country. Not only to cover the total distribution process but also will efficiently manage resources, communication and distribution off the site.

Modules of Sales Connect



Route Tracking


Target and Actuals

Sales Reps




The comprehensive web back end in the cloud will be accessed by the officials of the head office/stores. Each sales representative is equipted with a Tablet or a Smartphone, to carry with the Sales Connect application installed in it.

Why Connecting sales is irresistible for you ?

Display sales route – Sales representative to have the daily rout determined by the head office or for him to design his daily rout

Dashboard View of Sales Target – to get instant information on target vs. achieved on the tablet interface

Add a new customer – When a new shop is opened adding a new shop to the rout

Get the inventory – Inventory belong to one sales Rep is added through the back end to the tablet depending on what they take to distribute

Get messages from the head office directly to the application

Check In and mark attendance when starting the time, check out and mark the leaving/ending time

Search for product SKUs and add them to invoice

Print the invoice connecting to Bluetooth printer on the vehicle

Handle the return goods

See the pending payments and deduct from the bill

Handle Credit amounts

Communicate instant to head office or the web back end

See statistics on fast moving goods and previous orders from shops

Offline Capabilities

Not only handling sales but also handling employees, routs, statistics of overall products and areas, communication with head office, stock management, and smooth integration with ERP system is handled through the system.

Other Features

Offline Activities



User Friendly


Responsive design

Self Explanatory

Winner of the Gold at 01Awards for best use of mobile in Retail Sector organized by Sri Lanka Telecom