10 Common Problems with the Daily Stand Up Meetings

10 Common Problems with the Daily Stand Up Meetings

1.Team members give their answers to the scrum master, or agile coach, or a member of the team, instead of to the team.

Well Scrum meeting is for the team to get an update on each others progress, there are no superior roles when it comes to scrum every role is important and everyone is a equal in a team, so its necessary for everyone to understand that they are updating the team on their progress not only the scrum master, the client or the product owner.

2. Meetings take too long.

Who likes to attend for a meeting that takes around 30 […] Read more

How to Organize Your Daily Stand Up Meeting


Daily stand up meeting, I’m sure this will not be an alien term if you are working in IT industry, and if you are practicing scrum.

Stand up meetings are usually scheduled in the morning,which helps team members to get synchronized to each other’s work, it also psychologically help teams to have a fresh beginning and to set daily goals. Stand up meetings definitely plays a very important role in keeping the momentum of the team and in keeping team members together. It doesn’t matter if your team is located at remote locations nor if the team is working in the same […] Read more

Our Projects Philosophy

Our Projects Philosophy

How Loons give solutions to enterprise level clients?


We use scrum methodologies of agile technology.

It is a mandatory for our Scrum team consists of a Product owner, a Scrum master and Technical Owner together with the team.


You might think what is the advantage of Loons than a traditional company.

We have a special phase that come in before the development and at each release plan together with the client. That is a specialized team of Loons which critically assess the idea and add value to the idea.

As the initial phases of project will get kicked off once the […] Read more