Warning! Stand-up is an addiction – If you do it Correct


It’s a pleasure to write the third post on the stand up meetings. This post will contain simple tips, tricks and facts on how overall how to have a successful stand up meeting, that you will look back and be satisfied.

Daily stand up meeting is like a drug, no one would say they like it but the more you do it correct everyone falls in love with it, and get addicted to the essence of it



Starting the Meeting

Always start them on time. Nothing is worse than waiting around for someone or postponing the meeting. If the stand-up starts at 9:00am, […] Read more

Happy Women’s Day! But wait?

International Women’s Day (March 8) is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. The day also marks a call to action for accelerating gender parity.

That’s how the women’s day is defined in; www.internationalwomensday.com


Does women need gender parity?

My answer is women does not need gender parity!
Humans need gender Parity! And most importantly the talent need the gender parity!

Well the problem is, there exists two type of humans called, Men and Women where most of the time who tend to forget the fact both being humans. Men are unique and so […] Read more

Our Projects Philosophy

Our Projects Philosophy

How Loons give solutions to enterprise level clients?


We use scrum methodologies of agile technology.

It is a mandatory for our Scrum team consists of a Product owner, a Scrum master and Technical Owner together with the team.


You might think what is the advantage of Loons than a traditional company.

We have a special phase that come in before the development and at each release plan together with the client. That is a specialized team of Loons which critically assess the idea and add value to the idea.

As the initial phases of project will get kicked off once the […] Read more

The Loons Way – A guide to product developmentproduct-development-04product-development-01Bugaboo, Productdevelopment

The Loons Way – A guide to product development

We have developed a guide to product development “The Loons Way” If you are entrepreneurial and interested in looking at our model you can continue reading.

Question ?       Answer!     + Brain     =Invoke

We the Loons always has that team who think out of the frame. Loons who foresee the problems among day to day activities.

fundamental of Loons “Q” is The Eye that Foresee the Ordinary


We seek answers to questions combined with Digital Innovations and latest technological trends . The Highly technical competence Loons team will come up with the most optimized solutions. The Speciality of the Loons of the […] Read more