3 Steps after a project failure

3 Steps after a project failure



Everyone fails in life.

Someone hasn’t passed a test at university, other had failure in the workplace.

There are a lot of quots which compare fiasco and success. This article will help you to to work with failures more effectively.





Step 1
Let’s talk about the elephant in the room! People often respond to workplace failure as they might respond to personal tragedy. They don’t know what on earth to say, so they avoid discussing it entirely. Make it your mission to address the elephant in the room, by acknowledging the failure and looking to understand underlying causes. […] Read more

MaxSoft — ATA Framework (Simple and efficient framework for API Test Automation)

MaxSoft — ATA Framework (Simple and efficient framework for API Test Automation)

Article By;

Osanda Deshan Nimalarathna
A passionate developer & automation engineer who is keen in exploring and following new technologies.


Introduction to API Testing
– What is an API?
– What is API Testing?
Why should invest time in API testing?
What tests should be performed on API Testing?
What are the types of defects that API Testing will help remove?
API Testing Tools
MaxSoft — ATA Framework
– Technologies/Frameworks used
– Supported platforms/languages
– Advantages
– Git Source

Introduction to API Testing
What is an API?

An API (Application Programming Interface) is a set of application code, standards, protocols and procedures that can be used as an interface by external software applications or between different […] Read more

Breakthrough to sell your product to China!

Breakthrough to sell your product to China!

Are you currently looking for a breakthrough to sell your product to China? If your answer is yes, well, you should definitely keep reading because this article is going to answer all of the questions mentioned.

Nobody can ignore the fast development China has achieved so far, and with no doubt it’s going to thrive till it becomes one of the most powerful. With its population of 1.376 billion people and the growing purchasing ability and need, it is a huge market and a great opportunity for you to take your business to the next level.

With the Internet-plus era covering […] Read more

Warning! Stand-up is an addiction – If you do it Correct


It’s a pleasure to write the third post on the stand up meetings. This post will contain simple tips, tricks and facts on how overall how to have a successful stand up meeting, that you will look back and be satisfied.

Daily stand up meeting is like a drug, no one would say they like it but the more you do it correct everyone falls in love with it, and get addicted to the essence of it



Starting the Meeting

Always start them on time. Nothing is worse than waiting around for someone or postponing the meeting. If the stand-up starts at 9:00am, […] Read more

10 Common Problems with the Daily Stand Up Meetings

10 Common Problems with the Daily Stand Up Meetings

1.Team members give their answers to the scrum master, or agile coach, or a member of the team, instead of to the team.

Well Scrum meeting is for the team to get an update on each others progress, there are no superior roles when it comes to scrum every role is important and everyone is a equal in a team, so its necessary for everyone to understand that they are updating the team on their progress not only the scrum master, the client or the product owner.

2. Meetings take too long.

Who likes to attend for a meeting that takes around 30 […] Read more

How to Organize Your Daily Stand Up Meeting


Daily stand up meeting, I’m sure this will not be an alien term if you are working in IT industry, and if you are practicing scrum.

Stand up meetings are usually scheduled in the morning,which helps team members to get synchronized to each other’s work, it also psychologically help teams to have a fresh beginning and to set daily goals. Stand up meetings definitely plays a very important role in keeping the momentum of the team and in keeping team members together. It doesn’t matter if your team is located at remote locations nor if the team is working in the same […] Read more

Happy Women’s Day! But wait?

International Women’s Day (March 8) is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. The day also marks a call to action for accelerating gender parity.

That’s how the women’s day is defined in; www.internationalwomensday.com


Does women need gender parity?

My answer is women does not need gender parity!
Humans need gender Parity! And most importantly the talent need the gender parity!

Well the problem is, there exists two type of humans called, Men and Women where most of the time who tend to forget the fact both being humans. Men are unique and so […] Read more

Our Projects Philosophy

Our Projects Philosophy

How Loons give solutions to enterprise level clients?


We use scrum methodologies of agile technology.

It is a mandatory for our Scrum team consists of a Product owner, a Scrum master and Technical Owner together with the team.


You might think what is the advantage of Loons than a traditional company.

We have a special phase that come in before the development and at each release plan together with the client. That is a specialized team of Loons which critically assess the idea and add value to the idea.

As the initial phases of project will get kicked off once the […] Read more

Our Product Philosophy

Our Product Philosophy

QAnBI model


Question ?       Answer!     + Brain     = Invoke


We the Loons always has that team who think out of the frame. Loons who foresee the problems among day to day activities.

fundamental of Loons “Q” is The Eye that Foresee the Ordinary



We seek answers to questions combined with Digital Innovations and latest technological trends . The Highly technical competence Loons team will come up with the most optimized solutions. The Speciality of the Loons of the Lab is the technical people who always carry that business eye, not only technically solid but also they are experts in […] Read more

Why Startups fail

Why Startups fail

Are you ready to put everything aside and start your own business? To do everything on your own, lead yourself sometimes a the couple of other people around you who we call as founders, who are together with you, and to work a multi role. From CEO to HR, Finance, Event Handling, Client handling, project hunting, even coding testing, marketing and also sweeping and cleaning might also appear in the implicit job description.

Start up is not easy at all…. The risk involved in it, you might not even able to think while you have not been one of them. I […] Read more