Happy Women’s Day! But wait?

International Women’s Day (March 8) is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. The day also marks a call to action for accelerating gender parity.

That’s how the women’s day is defined in; www.internationalwomensday.com



Does women need gender parity?

My answer is women does not need gender parity!
Humans need gender Parity! And most importantly the talent need the gender parity!

Well the problem is, there exists two type of humans called, Men and Women where most of the time who tend to forget the fact both being humans. Men are unique and so does women.

There are lot of men who code well, and there are some women who code well, there are lot of women who cook well and few men who can cook well, there are lot of men who play cricket well and there are some women who play cricket well………
So the point is not that “women can do everything that men can do and men can do everything that women can do”  or “women can’t do many things that men do and men can’t do many things that women can do”
Wrong! It should be, there are some capable humans and incapable humans with unique talent for some things, that solely depend on the individual interest and the passion which often takes wrong by the society making gender a fact.

Well….. It is scientifically true that there are psychological and physiological differences among Men and Women! That’s why both of them are so unique with their own capabilities, patterns of thinking, and features. Hence men and women can never be equal, but the fact is the differences should not lead to a restriction than for an advantage.

Frame on which the society has built upon men and women

Frame on which the society has built upon men and women over ages is not something that will vanish in a day by speaking about the women or offering more chances to women. Its the society that need to change who bounds us to the frame upon the fact you are a woman, or you are a man. Norms developed inside the frame of women are generally it is bit strict than for men, you are a women so that you should know how to cook, how to take care of a household, should come home before it’s too late, should someday listen to a man and do serve for him, should be soft and polite, you should have good set of habits, should not associate much boys and not only that inside that frame there is a set of emotions what a women should have as well, you should like pink, follow fashion, its okay to cry, and such that you should listen to men.  Among all let the gentleman pay and let the hard work handled by men is my favorite.

Most of them are emotions or norms that is planted inside humans minds which people tend to select who they are tend to act accordingly. In simple words, we are living in a society when a child is born, if that’s a girl putting everything in pink and later on as she get older saying its girlish to like pink!  That’s how the society trains humans from the birth, by pulling them into the frame that consists of unwritten norms of how to be a woman or how to be a man!

Appreciate the Talent despite of the Gender

When I say “I am engaged with a start up company that is into software development” I have heard many people say “That’s great I don’t find lot of women with start ups!” or “I’m glad you took that decision being a woman”.  Yes I know they say because they wanted to admire but to be honest I feel sad to hear the word “woman” inside the sentence,than becoming proud. There are many instances which I politely say “Admire only if you feel that I am capable and talented, not for the fact of me being a woman”. Something similar I hear more often is “She work like a man”, by the accepted principal which should sound like a appreciation while vise versa “He works like a woman” is often used to offend a person. how can a “She” work like a Man? or “He” work like a woman? It’s the people work with their capacity or talent, not the genders cause to do work.  

If you have the passion and the drive, to develop the talent and achieve your dreams! Gender will never be a problem, so don’t use it as an excuse!

What I feel is, not a women’s day but what we need is a human’s day to accept differences of men and women, to throw away the traditional frame that we put on one another and to accept all as humans, where the pure talent, hard work, the commitment and the passion is appreciated despite the gender.