Our Projects Philosophy

Our Projects Philosophy

How Loons give solutions to enterprise level clients?


We use scrum methodologies of agile technology.

It is a mandatory for our Scrum team consists of a Product owner, a Scrum master and Technical Owner together with the team.


You might think what is the advantage of Loons than a traditional company.

We have a special phase that come in before the development and at each release plan together with the client. That is a specialized team of Loons which critically assess the idea and add value to the idea.

As the initial phases of project will get kicked off once the intial requirement gathering from clients get end, market feasibility study , Market Study, Idea matrix and depending on the necessary the requirements and concept go through several models. And finally all models combined and put through RMI Match matrix (requirement~Market~Innovation) is a special matrix that is developed by loons to come up with the final road map for the project.